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Dear Lazyweb,

My Arcam A85 has died for the second time and we've decided to replace rather than repair. So I am in the market for an integrated amplifier, 3-4 input channels, at least 80 watts per channel output into 4 ohms to drive my power hungry Dynaudio Audience 85s. This is just for a 2 channel audio system, not plugged into a tv/home theater; a phono stage would be nice but is not required. Budget is somewhere in the $1-2K range. What hidden gems should I be looking at? I've already looked into the current gear from Rotel (slightly underpowered), NAD (bad quality reviews on the intarweb), Krell (lovely but too expensive), and Marantz (the pm-8003 looks quite nice).

So...what do you recommend?
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Let's revisit that films of joy post. Like I said, I don't watch a lot of film, which means that I'm likely missing out on many things that I would like if I knew about them. So if you start with Charlie Kaufman, Miyazaki, Svenkmajer, the Marx Brothers, Jeunet and Caro (the five primary sources of joy in my original list), then add in Terry Gilliam (yes, every film including Baron Munchausen) and quirky cult films like Harold and Maude or Being There, plus obvious geek pleasers like LotR and CTHD...where do you, oh great video store master, send me next? Help me, Lazyweb!


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